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Chibi cupcakes

Hey there! And welcome to Chibi Chocolates, here I have several selections of baked goods such as cakes and cookies as well as chocolates.

My name is Sasha but you can also call me by the name, SoNek.

Chibi Chocolates started a while back around the early 2010’s but a lot of building up needed to grow. It still grows on when you think about it because I believe that you’re always learning something new everyday so it’s quite an endless journey I’ve taken upon myself. I, myself am a sweets lover; grew up around baking and making chocolates so I wanted to share my experiences. I’m also a gamer and I like draw so I love to express who I am and what I love through my baked good, as well as satisfying you all with greats tastes and textures.

The name “Chibi” derives from the Japanese term of “small” or “little” and since I started in making truffles and mini cupcakes (or as I call them, cuppycakes), I gave it the title: Chibi Chocolates.

If you would like something made by me, I would love to make it so long as it’s reachable; it can either be sent to said location or picked up. I also cater my sweets to events, you might catch me at various NYC events hosting at a gaming section as well as selling cuppycakes.

Prices are negotiable, depending on what you would like to be made and if possible with time; let me know if you have any questions too. Thanks for stopping by, and take great care!





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